Ter ID: 355427

P411: P351813

Don't be shy to get in touch with me.  I'm very sweet and approachable.  However, please understand I do not have time to talk and text all day. Please keep conversations short, concise, and to the point for day, time and length of booking. Please always be respectful, kind and courteous, and you can always expect the same from me!

I take communication and screening very seriously, as well as discretion & privacy. Your privacy is just as important to me as mine, and our mutual safety and confidentiality will ensure we both have a fabulous time enjoying each other's company. As a lady who values her own privacy, I can understand the apprehension a gentleman might feel about reserving a new companion. Those of you with a high profile within your community may wish to request a non disclosure/confidentiality agreement, and I would be more than happy to oblige. With that, please take a moment to fill out the inquiry form below, and provide any additional information I respectfully request via email. I respond to inquiries reasonably within 24 hours, however - screening new clients may take a little longer if you are not a P411 member, since I need to either check references or conduct an employment verification.

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